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 Car Seat Safety Checks

Chickasaw County Public Health is dedicated in protecting young children and also concerned about their well being.

We at Chickasaw County Public Health offer free CAR SEAT SAFETY CHECKS and encourage parents to call our office to schedule a time for a free check at (641) 394-4053 or Toll Free at 1-800-579-5815.

Chickasaw County Public Health has One CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY TECHNICIANS to provide the car seat safety checks.

Did you realize there are thousands of combinations with different kinds of seat belts along with different kinds of car seats on installing a car seat? How many people actually read the owners manual on a car or car safety seat to make sure it is installed properly? We at CHICKASAW COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH are trained to know how to properly install the car seats and take the guess work out of trying to install them properly and will provide teaching to the parents/caregivers on safety and proper installation of the car seat.

We realize how important and precious children are and that is why we took the interest in obtaining the Child Passenger Safety Technician course to ensure children in our community are safe!!

• When is it safe for my baby to be front facing in the car seat?
• Is it safe for a child to sit in the front seat?
• When can my child safely use just the seat belt?
• How old does my child have to be before he/she can sit in the front seat?
• What are the dangers of infants/small children with airbags?
• What are the current laws with children, seat belts and safety seats?
• How do I decide to choose a car seat when so many different kinds and brands are available?
• Is it safe to buy and use a used car seat?
• Is it safe to use a car seat that has already been in an accident?


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